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Used to resend the DCV email for a certificate

Deprecated This API call is is tied to the deprecated Create Certificate call. You are strongly advised not to use this call anymore. Instead, switch to the Request Certificate call, and associated Resend DCV call.
  • POSTMethod
  • /v2/ssl/resenddcvemail/processIdURL
  • application/jsonContent-Type
Name Type Description Restrictions
processId Integer The process ID
Name Type Required / Optional Description Restrictions
dcvEmailAddress String Required The email address to resend the DCV email to
  • Has to be an email address as returned from this call

Successful request

  • 200 OKHTTP Status

Failed requests

Generic errors can be expected.

The process ID
The email address to resend the DCV email to

POST /v2/ssl/resenddcvemail/processId
Content-Type: application/json