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Info domain call at registry of a domain name.

The given domain is queried at the registry and returned as seen and exposed by the registry, without taking in account any active process data or feature mappings from Realtime Register. Availability, exposed data and rate limiting vary greatly per registry.

The domain does not have to be in your account however the ability to query external domains depends on the policies of the registry.

Objects are cached for a short period. The cache is invalidated when changes are made trough the gateway service but not when external updates are made.

Gateway This API call is only available for gateway accounts.
Exceeding registry query limits will also impact the proper working of the gateway service.
  • GETMethod
  • /v2/domains/domainName/infoURL
Name Type Description Restrictions
domainName String The domain name
  • Regular expression: ^(?:[a-z0-9](?:[a-z0-9-]{0,61}[a-z0-9])?\.)+(?:[a-z][a-z0-9-]{0,61}[a-z0-9])$
  • Minimum length: 3
  • Maximum length: 255
  • Registry specific restrictions may apply
Name Type Required / Optional Description Restrictions
authcode String Optional The auth code for a domain name when checking an external domain
  • Maximum length: 64
type Enum Optional The recursion type for recursive registry calls.

Possible values:

  • NONE: None
  • ALL: All (Hosts & Contacts)
  • CONTACTS: Contacts used on the domain are queried
  • HOSTS: Child hosts of the domain are queried

Successful request

  • 200 OKHTTP Status
  • application/jsonContent-Type
Name Type Required / Optional Description
domainName String Required Domain name
registryDomainId String Optional Domain id at registry
registrar String Optional Registrar which domain is registered with.
lastRegistrar String Optional Previous registrar which domain used to be registered with.
languageCode String Optional Languagecode of domain
authcode String Optional Authcode of domain. When a invalid auth code is supplied but it is possible to query the domain we will do that. This means the supplied auth code is only valid when the response contains the same auth code.
authCodeValidEndDate Timestamp Optional Authcode validity end date
createdDate Timestamp Optional Created date
expiryDate Timestamp Optional Expiry date
updatedDate Timestamp Optional Updated date
transferDate Timestamp Optional Transfer date
lastOutgoingTransferDate Timestamp Optional Last outgoing transfer date
lastIncomingTransferDate Timestamp Optional Last incoming trasfer date
redemptionPeriodEndDate Timestamp Optional Redemption period end date
pendingDeletePeriodEndDate Timestamp Optional Pending delete period end date
autoRenewGracePeriodEndDate Timestamp Optional Auto renew grace period end date
renewGracePeriodEndDate Timestamp Optional Renew grace period end date
addGracePeriodEndDate Timestamp Optional Add grace period end date
transferGracePeriodEndDate Timestamp Optional Transfer grace period end date
transferProhibitedPeriodEndDate Timestamp Optional Transfer prohibited period end date
status List <Enum> Optional The status of a domain

Possible values:

  • OK: Ok
  • INACTIVE: Inactive
  • PENDING_TRANSFER: Pending transfer
  • PENDING_RENEW: Pending renew
  • PENDING_UPDATE: Pending update
  • DELETE_REQUESTED: Delete requested
  • PENDING_DELETE: Pending delete
  • ADD_PERIOD: Add period
  • RENEW_PERIOD: Renew period
  • AUTO_RENEW_PERIOD: Auto renew period
  • TRANSFER_PERIOD: Transfer period
  • REDEMPTION_PERIOD: Redemption period
  • PENDING_RESTORE: Pending restore
  • CLIENT_HOLD: Client hold
  • CLIENT_DELETE_PROHIBITED: Client delete prohibited
  • CLIENT_UPDATE_PROHIBITED: Client update prohibited
  • CLIENT_RENEW_PROHIBITED: Client renew prohibited
  • CLIENT_TRANSFER_PROHIBITED: Client transfer prohibited
  • SERVER_HOLD: Server hold
  • SERVER_DELETE_PROHIBITED: Server delete prohibited
  • SERVER_UPDATE_PROHIBITED: Server update prohibited
  • SERVER_RENEW_PROHIBITED: Server renew prohibited
  • SERVER_TRANSFER_PROHIBITED: Server transfer prohibited
autoRenew Boolean Optional Whether domain is being automatically renewed.
registrant contact Optional Registrant contact
ns List < host > Optional Name servers
childHosts List < host > Optional Child hosts, some registries do not list all child hosts if there are many
domainContacts List < domainContacts > Optional Domain contacts
keyData List < keyData > Optional Key data
Name Type Required / Optional Description
id String Required Registry contact id
authcode String Required Registry contact auth code
registrar String Optional Registrar of contact
organization String Optional The name of the organization
name String Optional The name of the person
addressLine List <String> Optional The address lines
postalCode String Optional Postal code
city String Optional The city
state String Optional The state
country String Optional The ISO 3166-1 alpha2 country code
email String Optional The email address
voice String Optional The voice telephone number
fax String Optional The fax telephone number
properties Map <String, Map <String, String>> Optional Contact registry properties, nested map of registry and the contact properties for that registry
postalInfoType Enum Optional Postal info type

Possible values:

  • loc: localized
  • int: internationalized
status List <Enum> Optional The status of a domain

Possible values:

  • OK: Ok
  • PENDING_TRANSFER: PendingTransfer
  • CLIENT_TRANSFER_PROHIBITED: ClientTransferProhibited
  • SERVER_TRANSFER_PROHIBITED: ServerTransferProhibited
  • PENDING_UPDATE: PendingUpdate
  • CLIENT_UPDATE_PROHIBITED: ClientUpdateProhibited
  • SERVER_UPDATE_PROHIBITED: ServerUpdateProhibited
  • PENDING_DELETE: PendingDelete
  • CLIENT_DELETE_PROHIBITED: ClientDeleteProhibited
  • SERVER_DELETE_PROHIBITED: ServerDeleteProhibited
  • LINKED: Linked
internationalizedPostalinfo contact Optional If a contact contains both localized and internationalized address data the localized version is prioritized. The internationalized version is show in this nested contact data.
Name Type Required / Optional Description
keyTag Integer Required Key tag
algorithm Integer Optional Algorithm
digestType Integer Optional DigestType
digest String Optional Digest
Name Type Required / Optional Description
hostName String Required The host name
createdDate Timestamp Optional The date the host was created
updatedDate Timestamp Optional The date the host was last updated
addresses List < addresses > Optional Host addresses
Name Type Required / Optional Description
ipVersion Enum Required Version of the IP protocol

Possible values:

  • V4
  • V6
address String Required The IP Address
Name Type Required / Optional Description
role Enum Required Role

Possible values:

  • ADMIN: Admin
  • TECH: Tech
  • BILLING: Billing
contact contact Optional Contact
Name Type Required / Optional Description
flags Integer Required Flags
protocol Integer Required Protocol
algorithm Integer Required Algorithm
publicKey Integer Required Public key
dsData dsData Optional Ds data

Failed requests

Besides the generic errors these specific error responses can be expected.

Type Status Description
AuthCodeInvalidError 400 Bad Request Invalid authorization code
The domain name
The auth code for a domain name when checking an external domain
The recursion type for recursive registry calls.

GET /v2/domains/domainName/info