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Used to list and search domains

  • GETMethod
  • /v2/domainsURL

The request parameters are expected in the generic listing request format, available filter and order fields are listed below.

Name Type Sortable Restrictions
domainName String
  • registrant String
  • admin String
    billing String
    tech String
    privacyProtect Boolean
    status List <Enum>

    Possible values:

    • OK: Ok
    • INACTIVE: Inactive
    • PENDING_TRANSFER: Pending transfer
    • PENDING_RENEW: Pending renew
    • PENDING_UPDATE: Pending update
    • DELETE_REQUESTED: Delete requested
    • PENDING_DELETE: Pending delete
    • ADD_PERIOD: Add period
    • RENEW_PERIOD: Renew period
    • AUTO_RENEW_PERIOD: Auto renew period
    • TRANSFER_PERIOD: Transfer period
    • REDEMPTION_PERIOD: Redemption period
    • PENDING_RESTORE: Pending restore
    • CLIENT_HOLD: Client hold
    • CLIENT_DELETE_PROHIBITED: Client delete prohibited
    • CLIENT_UPDATE_PROHIBITED: Client update prohibited
    • CLIENT_RENEW_PROHIBITED: Client renew prohibited
    • CLIENT_TRANSFER_PROHIBITED: Client transfer prohibited
    • REGISTRAR_HOLD: Registrar hold
    • REGISTRAR_DELETE_PROHIBITED: Registrar delete prohibited
    • REGISTRAR_UPDATE_PROHIBITED: Registrar update prohibited
    • REGISTRAR_RENEW_PROHIBITED: Registrar renew prohibited
    • REGISTRAR_TRANSFER_PROHIBITED: Registrar transfer prohibited
    • SERVER_HOLD: Server hold
    • SERVER_DELETE_PROHIBITED: Server delete prohibited
    • SERVER_UPDATE_PROHIBITED: Server update prohibited
    • SERVER_RENEW_PROHIBITED: Server renew prohibited
    • SERVER_TRANSFER_PROHIBITED: Server transfer prohibited
    • PENDING_VALIDATION: Domain pending registrant validation
    • PRIVACY_PROTECT_PROHIBITED: Privacy protect prohibited
    • EXPIRED: Domain has expired
    • IRTPC_TRANSFER_PROHIBITED: Transfer prohibited due to IRTP-C
    languageCode String
  • autoRenew Boolean
  • autoRenewPeriod Integer
  • ns List <String>
    childHosts List <String>
    dnsSec Boolean
    publicKey String
    createdDate Timestamp
  • updatedDate Timestamp
  • expiryDate Timestamp
  • brand String
    premium Boolean
    gateway Boolean
    zone Enum
  • Possible values:

    • BASIC: Basic, free DNS
    • PREMIUM: Premium DNS
    template String
  • tld Boolean
  • sld Boolean
  • The response follows the generic listing response format, each item in the entities element is in the response format of the get request.

    The number of entities to request, defaults to 10. A count only query can be done with a limit of 0.
    The offset to start at
    The field to use for ordering, default differs per listing. When prefixed with a minus sign ("-") ordering will be descending. The order parameter can be specified multiple times to order by multiple fields, the order parameters are processed in the order they appear in the URL.
    The default is to return a total count of all matched entities in the result, if this is not necessary it can be omitted with this flag. This will result in a speed improvement
    Generic search over all fields
    Select fields to include in the response, comma separated list of field names. Requesting only the needed fields improves response time, especially when omitting relation fields. Identifying field(s) are always included.
    When true all records will be returned. Cannot be used in combination with "limit" and/or "offset" parameters. For exports the default field selection consists only of identifying fields, to add other fields use the "fields" parameter
    The field to apply the filter on
    The operator to apply
    The value to use with the operator

    GET /v2/domains