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Existing SSL certificates can be imported when migrating to Realtime Register. This can help maintain a complete overview of your certificates, get renewal reminders and to request renewals.

  • POSTMethod
  • /v2/ssl/importURL
  • application/jsonContent-Type
Name Type Required / Optional Description Restrictions
customer String Required The customer handle
  • Regular expression: [a-zA-Z0-9\-_@\.]+
  • Minimum length: 3
  • Maximum length: 40
certificate String Required The Certificate
csr String Optional The Certificate Signing Request
coc String Optional Chamber Of Commerce identifier
  • Minimum length: 1
  • Maximum length: 30

Successful request

  • 201 CreatedHTTP Status

Failed requests

Generic errors can be expected.

The customer handle
The Certificate
The Certificate Signing Request
Chamber Of Commerce identifier

POST /v2/ssl/import
Content-Type: application/json